1. Here's the tracklists for the cd's. I listed the version I want for each song so there'll be no live/demo stuff.
2. If you could listen to the songs to make sure there's no audio glitches that would be cool but if you don't have the time then so be it.
3. Don't write on the cd's with marker cuz I'm gonna put labels on em.
4. If the cd's are too long the tracks marked with a * are expendable.
5. Make sure the files are at least 128 kbs cuz they will sound shitty otherwise.
6. If you can't find em all at first try again later. Thanks a lot!

rancid cover

1. Corazon De Oro (from Life Won't Wait)
2. Just A Feeling (from Radio Radio Radio single)
3. Let Me Go (from Rancid 2000)
4. Ghetto Box (from Let's Go)
5. Hoover Street (from Life Won't Wait)
6. Daly City Train (from And Out Come The Wolves)
7. Detroit (from Rancid)
8. Nihilism (from Let's Go)
9. Radio Havana (from Rancid 2000)
10. Whirlwind (from Rancid)
11. Old Friend (from And Out Come The Wolves)
12. Dope Sick Girl (from Let's Go)
13. Tenderloin (from Let's Go)
14. The 11th Hour (from And Out Come The Wolves)
15. Hooligans (from Life Won't Wait)
16. Antenna's (from Rancid 2000)
17. International Cover-up (from Let's Go)
18. Animosity (from Rancid)
19. Crane Fist* (from Life Won't Wait)
20. Olympia WA (from And Out Come The Wolves)
21. Harry Bridges (from Let's Go)
22. 7 Years Down *(from Let's Go)
23. Policeman (The Silencers)* (from Give Em The Boot)

iron maiden cover

1. The Trooper (from Piece of Mind)
2. Infinite Dreams (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)
3. Flash of the Blade (from Powerslave)
4. Where Eagles Dare (from Piece Of Mind)
5. Children of the Damned (from Number Of The Beast)
6. Caught Somewhere in Time (from Somewhere In Time)
7. Gangland* (from Number Of The Beast)
8. Flight of Icarus (from Piece Of Mind)
9. The Prisoner (from Number Of The Beast)
10. Stranger in a Strange Land (from Somewhere In Time)
11. Aces High (from Powerslave)
12. Invaders (from Number Of The Beast)
13. Sun and Steel* (from Piece Of Mind)
14. The Clairvoyant (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)
15. Hallowed Be Thy Name (from Number Of The Beast)